Don't Be Left in the Cold: Master These Common Snowboarding Terms for a Better Ride

Don't Be Left in the Cold: Master These Common Snowboarding Terms for a Better Ride

Snowboarding is an amazing sport that is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. As a beginner, the last thing you want is to be left out in the cold (literally and figuratively) when your coach starts dropping some of the most common terms used on the slopes. Fear not, dear shredder, as we’ve got you covered with this quick guide to the most commonly used snowboarding terms.

  1. “Edge, edge, edge!” – This is the classic phrase you'll hear from your coach when you need to start carving down the mountain. They want you to lean onto your edge and turn in a smooth motion, so listen up!

  2. “Flex your ankles” – This is one of the most confusing phrases in snowboarding, but don’t worry, your coach isn’t suggesting you have weak ankles! They just want you to be able to flex your ankles to keep your board flat on the snow, and help you stay balanced.

  3. “Eyes up!” – You might think you’re looking where you’re going, but often when you start snowboarding, you tend to look down at your feet. This can throw off your balance and make your ride more difficult. So, listen to your coach and keep your eyes up and focused on the path ahead.

  4. “Weight forward” – When you're snowboarding, it’s important to keep your weight balanced on your board. Your coach will remind you to shift your weight forward so that you can make turns and avoid falling.

  5. “Get low!” – This phrase might make you think of a workout class, but it’s actually a useful tip for snowboarding. Your coach will encourage you to bend your knees and lower your center of gravity to stay in control on the slopes.

  6. “Use your poles” – Your poles might seem like just an accessory, but they are actually a vital tool for snowboarding. Your coach will remind you to use them to help you maintain balance, initiate turns, and control your speed.

Remember, snowboarding is all about having fun and challenging yourself. So, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself when you stumble on your first attempt at a trick or get tangled up in your board. With a little practice and patience, you’ll soon be shredding the slopes like a pro!

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