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ANTS Snowboard Protection Cover Sleeve

ANTS Snowboard Protection Cover Sleeve

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Invest in the ANTS Snowboard Protection Cover Sleeve today and enjoy the ultimate protection for your gear. Experience worry-free storage, convenient transportation, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your snowboard is shielded from harm.

Behind the Product

Introducing the ANTS Snowboard Protection Cover Sleeve: ultimate gear safeguard for snowboards. 360-degree defense for pristine condition for future rides.

Product Features

  • 360-degree protection for your snowboard: Ensures that your board remains shielded from scratches, dings, and scrapes, regardless of how it is stored or transported.

  • Two-way use: shoulder strap or hand strap: The sleeve offers versatile carrying options.Alternatively, the hand strap offers a secure grip, keeping your snowboard firmly by your side.

  • Rubber protection for enhanced shock absorption:This added feature absorbs shocks caused by accidental bumps or falls, safeguarding your snowboard from potential damage.

  • Seamless design for comprehensive board protection: Covers the entire board, leaving no vulnerable areas exposed to potential harm.

Tech Specs

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