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ANTS Premium Snowboarding Protection Sets (3pc) - Upgraded Version

ANTS Premium Snowboarding Protection Sets (3pc) - Upgraded Version

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Are you looking for the ultimate protection set for your snowboarding adventures? Look no further than our premium-quality snowboarding protection set!


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Behind the Product

Don't let the fear of injury hold you back from enjoying your snowboarding experience to the fullest. Invest in our high-quality snowboarding protection set today!

Product Features

  • Made from premium quality Lycra fabric, which is known for its excellent breathability and durability, ensuring that you stay comfortable even during long hours of snowboarding.
  • The set features a Velcro strap that allows you to adjust the perfect fit, ensuring that it stays securely in place while you ride.
  • Filled with polyethylene foam, which is a highly shock-absorbing material that provides excellent protection from impacts.
  • The 3D protection design of the set ensures that you are fully protected in all the key areas, including your knees, elbows, and wrists.

Tech Specs

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